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The Beast Lamp

Sulfur Plasma



                   White              Red (S/CaBr2)          Plasma Cooling              

SP System Specifications

System Frequency: 250 kHz

Lamp Power 1000 Watt

System Power: 1 375 Watts

Cap: Quartz rod 4mm dia.

Bulb Finish: Clear

Bulb Speed to Generate Light 1 x 10 rpm

Bulb Type & Size: quartz sphere 36mm dia. 32mm internal diameter

Overall Length: 150 mm

Atmosphere: Sulfur/ CaBr2 Argon

Luminous Flux: > 140 000 lm @ 100 hours

Luminous Efficacy: > 140 lm/W @ 100 hours > 100 lm/W system efficiency

Color Temperature White 6000K / Red (CaBr2) 3500K

Burning Position: Universal with bulb rotation about axis of quartz rod

Rated Life: 60 000 Hours (lamp), 10 ,000 Hours (magnetron), 20 000 Hours (power supply)

Warm Up Time/ 1 to 2 min. Re-strike Time 7 min.

Lamp Output Depreciation : <1% during 1 x 20 hrs <10% during Rated life


Spectral Power Distribution Chart


White S and Red S/CaBr2 versions now available. Calcium bromide is added to the sulphur filling in a sulphur lamp to increase the emission of red light for enhanced growth of plants. Red light is more efficacious for plant growth than is visible light at shorter wavelengths. The addition of CaBr2 increases the emission at wavelengths in the vicinity of 625 nm, where the quantum efficiency for photosynthesis is close to 1.

Future Lighting that's available Now

Our Sulfur plasma lamps generate less Ultra Violet and Infra Red radiation than any other type of commercial lighting.


Our lamps are designed with tri-metal shielding around the lamp to reduce electromagnetic emissions by 99.9%.



Our lamps start within seconds (divX video), even at low ambient temperatures. The bulb emits no electric or magnetic fields.

    this will download a zip file containing the video and the Divx codec to view..


The lamp & magnetron unit weighs 9Kg. The power supply & magnetic ballast unit weighs 20Kg. We recommend less than 5m striking distance between the 2 units.



A sulphur plasma lamp & magnetron unit is an electrodeless lamp that includes an evacuated quartz bulb partly backfilled with argon and with a little sulfur, plus a source of microwave power, a magnetron, for exciting a plasma within the bulb.


Other names include MPS Sulfur Microwave Lamp, Sulfur Plasma and Sulfur Lamp, depending on your filosfy.

Sulphur Plasma Lighting Installations & Applications+


Sulfur lamp at the United States Department of Energy Forrestal Building using 3M light tubes. One lamp per 10" light pipe made of acrylic, prismatic film.


Horticultural - CaBr2 increases quantum efficiency for photosynthesis close to 100%.


Balloon Lighting of Vienna Stadium, Austria


USA Air Force Base Hangar